May’s Top Sellers at A Feast of Favorites!

May’s Top Sellers at A Feast of Favorites!

May’s Top Sellers at A Feast of Favorites!

Welcome to our monthly roundup at! May was an exciting month as we saw a notable preference for hearty, satisfying options. Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just dipping your toes into the plant-based world, our top sellers list is sure to inspire your next meal. Let's dive into the flavors that our customers couldn't get enough of this past month.


  1. Worthington - Ham Roll 4 lb

Our top seller this month was the Worthington Ham Roll. Weighing in at a generous four pounds, this plant-based ham roll is perfect for family dinners, special occasions, or slicing up for sandwiches. Its meaty texture and smoky flavor make it a hit for those seeking a traditional taste without the meat.


  1. Worthington - Leanies Deli Dog

Coming in second, the Worthington Leanies Deli Dog offers the classic hot dog experience with none of the meat. These plant-based dogs are great grilled, boiled, or pan-fried. Ideal for weekend barbecues or a quick, satisfying meal, they're loved for their versatility and delicious taste.


  1. Worthington - Deli Slices - Salami

Our third most popular item this month was the Worthington Deli Slices in Salami flavor. Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, or even straight from the pack, these slices add a burst of flavor to any meal. They’ve become a staple for our busy customers looking for quick, flavorful lunch options.


  1. Worthington - Vegan Chicketts Roll 1 lb

The Vegan Chicketts Roll grabbed the fourth spot. This one-pound roll is easy to slice, making it a fantastic addition to salads, sandwiches, and more. Its tender texture and chicken-like flavor make it a favorite among those who miss traditional poultry but want to maintain a plant-based diet.


  1. Worthington - Dinner Roast

Rounding out our top five, the Worthington Dinner Roast is the perfect centerpiece for any meal. This roast is well-loved for its firm texture and rich, savory flavor. It’s especially popular during family gatherings and special dinners, proving that a plant-based roast can indeed be the star of the culinary show.


It’s clear that comfort and convenience are themes that resonate within our community, as seen in May’s top sellers. As we continue to offer foods that are both satisfying and sustainable, we’re excited to see what new favorites will emerge.

Stay tuned for next month’s favorites, and thank you for supporting a healthier, plant-based lifestyle with!

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