December's Delights: Top 5 Bestsellers at

December's Delights: Top 5 Bestsellers at

As we wave goodbye to the festive month of December, it's intriguing to look back at what our Vegefood community adored the most. December, a month synonymous with festive feasting and heartwarming family dinners, has always had a significant impact on shopping trends, especially in the world of plant-based cuisine. Today, we're excited to showcase the top-selling items from December 2023 that made your holiday tables a bit more special.

  1. Worthington Foods - Ham Roll 4 lb

Our top-seller, the Worthington Foods Ham Roll (aka Wham), was a holiday favorite for good reason. Perfect for a traditional centerpiece, this 4 lb delight offers a taste so rich and texture so succulent, it became a must-have for many festive dinners. Our customers loved its versatility in various recipes – from glazed ham to savory sandwiches.

  1. Worthington Foods - Dinner Roast

Dinner Roast by Worthington Foods is more than just a meal; it's an experience. Its remarkable similarity to traditional roasts, both in taste and texture, made it a popular choice. What's more, its unique blend of spices and herbs provides a gourmet touch to any dinner table. Our community's feedback highlights its easy preparation and crowd-pleasing qualities.

  1. Loma Linda - FriChik 12.5 oz

Loma Linda's FriChik captured hearts with its convenience and versatility. This 12.5 oz can of plant-based goodness adds a flavorful punch to any meal, from quick lunches to elaborate dinners. Its nutritional profile, packed with plant-based protein, resonates well with health-conscious consumers.

  1. Worthington Vegan Chickett Roll - 4lb

Vegan Chickett Roll was a December revelation. As more consumers embrace a vegan lifestyle, this product stood out for its exceptional taste and texture that closely mimics chicken. Our customers raved about its use in various recipes, making it a versatile and essential pantry item.

  1. Worthington Foods - Vegan Ham Roll 4 lb

The Vegan Ham Roll is a testament to how plant-based alternatives can successfully replicate traditional favorites. Its ability to appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike is a significant achievement. The balance of flavors, combined with a texture that satisfies, has earned it rave reviews and a loyal following.

The popularity of these items in December is a clear indicator of the growing trend towards plant-based eating. Each product, with its unique qualities, caters not only to taste but also to a lifestyle that values health, ethics, and the environment. As we continue to explore and expand our range of plant-based options at, we invite you to visit our website and discover the joy of sustainable, delicious eating. Here's to a healthier, happier planet with every bite!

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