November's Plant-Based Bestsellers: Celebrating a Meat-Free Feast at!

November's Plant-Based Bestsellers: Celebrating a Meat-Free Feast at!

As we reflect on the flavors of November, a month brimming with the warmth of Thanksgiving and the onset of cozy winter meals, it's exciting to see how plant-based choices are taking center stage. At, our community has embraced a range of delicious, meat-free alternatives, making this past month a true celebration of plant-based diversity and taste. Let's explore the top picks from November, featuring a special highlight on a Thanksgiving favorite!

  1. Worthington - Dinner Roast

Topping our list, especially popular for Thanksgiving, is the Worthington Dinner Roast. This plant-based alternative to traditional Thanksgiving turkey has been a hit with our customers. Its rich flavor and meat-like texture make it an ideal centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table, satisfying vegans and meat-eaters alike. Nutritious, packed with protein, and cholesterol-free, this Dinner Roast is more than just a delicious entrée; it's a healthy and compassionate choice for your festive celebrations.

  1. Loma Linda - Big Franks 15oz

The Loma Linda Big Franks have also been a favorite. These plant-based hot dogs are not only perfect for a quick, comforting meal as the weather gets colder but also offer a delightful option for those weekend football gatherings. Their juicy, flavorful profile makes them a superb choice for anyone seeking a vegan alternative to traditional hot dogs. They're versatile, easy to prepare, and packed with plant-based protein.

  1. Loma Linda - FriChik 12.5 oz

Our customers have loved Loma Linda's FriChik, a wonderful substitute for chicken. These plant-based chunks, soaked in a savory broth, bring a comforting and rich flavor to any dish. From hearty stews to quick sandwiches, FriChik is versatile, nutritious, and a perfect way to enjoy the heartiness of chicken, minus the meat.

  1. Worthington - Vegan Chicketts Roll 1 lb

The Vegan Chickett Roll by Worthington is another November standout. Excelling in both taste and texture, this plant-based chicken alternative is ideal for a variety of recipes. Whether it's in a warming soup or a hearty casserole, this roll can be adapted to fit any dish, making it a must-have for vegan cooking. High in protein and without artificial preservatives, it's a wholesome and tasty choice.

  1. Worthington - Prosage Roll 1lb

Rounding out our November favorites is the Worthington Prosage Roll. This plant-based sausage roll, with its perfect blend of herbs and spices, is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional sausage. It's incredibly adaptable – great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is a fantastic way to add protein to your meals in a plant-based form.

November at was a month of delicious discoveries and Thanksgiving celebrations. These top-selling items showcase the rich variety and irresistible flavors of plant-based foods. Thank you for choosing as your partner in plant-based living. We look forward to bringing you more delightful plant-based options in the coming months!

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